Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God Teaches man regrets and refuses

From every event in your life, you have to learn something or realize something from it. Not every person is perfect. From the time a person is born, he learns from his mistakes and experience and advice in his childhood. But as he grows, he thinks he has become an adult and he knows everything and he thinks what he does is always right. Everyone knows that the above fact is wrong. Everybody knows or realizes that he has'nt done everything right. Even after knowing that we have done a mistake, we repeat them. We don't take the consequences of those mistakes seriously. We dont learn from those previous mistakes which we did.

Whenever someone points at our mistakes which we repeatedly do, we proudly say, "That is my character. I will be like that because i have to be like that. Thats my identity." Is that true? Should a person repeat on his mistakes to maintain his character? No. He is not ready to learn from his mistakes. That is the truth. Even if he learns, he is lazy to change. He is not willing to change thinking what others might tell about his change. Moreover, some people dont even want to learn because the mistakes which they make excite them and make them happy while making some around him miserable or insulted. Is that the real happiness?

So, what is needed? Do every activity with God in mind. Analyze what will be effects and aftermaths of your action. See whether they hurt somebody. See whether it is against the ten commandments. See what good deeds does your action do without hurtings and hard feelings. Do that action. See the aftermath of your action. See whether there was any mistake in your action. Learn from it. If there is'nt any mistake, practice it again and again in your life. Make it a habit. Let your mind always think in the right way when such a situation occurs where a normal man tends to do a wrong thing.

So, if you follow those good habits, many awe at your actions. Many will criticise you as fools and idiots. You may also be left alone. Never worry. Worry what God will think of you. Continue with your good habits and practice. That will gain points for you in God's Kingdom. Never feel bad that you are being criticised or being left lonely. There is always God for you. Grab him. Every situation God gives is for your good. If it is a miserable situation, be happy that God has saved you from a bigger problem inthe future because of this small lesson. Whatever happens and whoever says anything, dont leave God. Never think that religious life is different from the normal life of job, studies or being with friends. Never think praying to God alone will save you. You got to live according to God's preachings. You got to prove yourself. Implement what God taught in your life and live or else life is waste. Worshiping or praying to God for an hour a day and having hard feelings with your colleagues or neighbors is a type of corruption. There is no use in praying for one hour in that case. How are you going to love the unseen invisible Almighty God when you are not able to love the person next to you whom you see daily. If you live two lives, one for God in the worshiping place and the other for the world, then what are you going to achieve? Nothing. Just cheating yourself. So, whatever be the situation, be with God and the main thing is to live every minute of life with God's preachings. Praise the Lord.

Live in and with God. With God in you, what more is required in this small and selfish World. Seek first GOD and his kingdom for everything will be given to you as well.