Monday, September 17, 2007

The most unexpected dinner PARTY!!!!!

This party took place on the 16th of september, 2007 at Hotel Greenland in Coimbatore.

It was the second day of Login 2007. After all the celebrations of successful completion of Login 2007, some 9 guys including me decided to have our dinner at aaryas, a hotel little far from our college. We were waiting outside the college for one of our classmate. As soon as he came out, i remembered of a problem and ran inside the college for some two minutes work. Two guys started off in motorcycle and bid bye to me while there was no speech from the others. So, i came under the assumption that they were waiting for me while the guys in the motorcycle have only left.

I came back after the job is done and saw that all of the guys have left to the hotel leaving me alone. My mind thought that these people waited for the other classmate for nearly 15 minutes while not even bothered to wait for me for 2 minutes. My mind broke down. But, after a long time, so many of us were going for dinner together. So, i put my thoughts aside and started walking towards the hotel, aaryas. i reached the hotel and found my classmates seated in a six seater table with two chairs dragged on the two ends of the table. I entered with a weak mind and body and told the guys to adjust for me to put in a chair. No body moved. I told again. No body moved. Then i almost picked a chair for me and again asked to move. But, there was no movement. No body bothered to even look at me and answer. Everyone was hungry like me but no body bothered to give a place to put his seat to a person asking for it. Instead they were busy with their own talks and were keen to occupy places for their plates and eat. These thoughts were running in my mind in that two minutes duration. I felt it as an offense and walked away telling them that i am going to have dinner in non-vegetarian hotel and walked away with the hostel room key. Then, I ate alone in Hotel Greenland.

Then only my mind started working. I knew that The Almighty is always with me. So, I thought if The Almighty is with me then why would he allow this offense to me. I started thinking. Then only i realized that the whole occasion was a drama conducted by my best friend, The Almighty, to have dinner with me alone in Hotel Greenland. In the last six months, my total character had changed and my way of approach and thinking changed in every situation. I feel that. If i had reacted according to my last six months character, then i would have asked those people to move and sat with them for dinner. But, i wasn't doing so. i was walking away taking it as an offense. So, i thought when such occasions had come in the last six months, i had never felt bad. Why am i feeling bad now? Then i got the answer. God wanted me to have dinner with Him. After two days of hard work for Login 2007, God wanted me to dine with Him. He didnt want me to dine with the worldly friends i have got. He didnt want me to eat just dosa and parotta. He made my mind weak for nearly twenty minutes and brought me alone to Hotel Greenland and talked with me there. He fed me with the heavenly food of happiness and peace of mind. In a span of twenty seconds, my whole mind set changed. The weak, sad and fatigue mind turned into a refreshing, happy and peaceful mind. i ate the worldly and heavenly food happily. My friend, The Almighty, then accompanied me to the hostel and we were chatting till my roommates arrived to the room.

Many will think that the above occasion is sheer rubbish and imagination but for those who have really understood and felt and realized the God in them will be able to understand and feel the happiness in the above occasion. I actually dont want to blame my classmates, instead thank them for cooperating in this drama to give me a happy dinner party.

I will never forget this most unexpected dinner PARTY ever.