Monday, September 17, 2007

The most unexpected dinner PARTY!!!!!

This party took place on the 16th of september, 2007 at Hotel Greenland in Coimbatore.

It was the second day of Login 2007. After all the celebrations of successful completion of Login 2007, some 9 guys including me decided to have our dinner at aaryas, a hotel little far from our college. We were waiting outside the college for one of our classmate. As soon as he came out, i remembered of a problem and ran inside the college for some two minutes work. Two guys started off in motorcycle and bid bye to me while there was no speech from the others. So, i came under the assumption that they were waiting for me while the guys in the motorcycle have only left.

I came back after the job is done and saw that all of the guys have left to the hotel leaving me alone. My mind thought that these people waited for the other classmate for nearly 15 minutes while not even bothered to wait for me for 2 minutes. My mind broke down. But, after a long time, so many of us were going for dinner together. So, i put my thoughts aside and started walking towards the hotel, aaryas. i reached the hotel and found my classmates seated in a six seater table with two chairs dragged on the two ends of the table. I entered with a weak mind and body and told the guys to adjust for me to put in a chair. No body moved. I told again. No body moved. Then i almost picked a chair for me and again asked to move. But, there was no movement. No body bothered to even look at me and answer. Everyone was hungry like me but no body bothered to give a place to put his seat to a person asking for it. Instead they were busy with their own talks and were keen to occupy places for their plates and eat. These thoughts were running in my mind in that two minutes duration. I felt it as an offense and walked away telling them that i am going to have dinner in non-vegetarian hotel and walked away with the hostel room key. Then, I ate alone in Hotel Greenland.

Then only my mind started working. I knew that The Almighty is always with me. So, I thought if The Almighty is with me then why would he allow this offense to me. I started thinking. Then only i realized that the whole occasion was a drama conducted by my best friend, The Almighty, to have dinner with me alone in Hotel Greenland. In the last six months, my total character had changed and my way of approach and thinking changed in every situation. I feel that. If i had reacted according to my last six months character, then i would have asked those people to move and sat with them for dinner. But, i wasn't doing so. i was walking away taking it as an offense. So, i thought when such occasions had come in the last six months, i had never felt bad. Why am i feeling bad now? Then i got the answer. God wanted me to have dinner with Him. After two days of hard work for Login 2007, God wanted me to dine with Him. He didnt want me to dine with the worldly friends i have got. He didnt want me to eat just dosa and parotta. He made my mind weak for nearly twenty minutes and brought me alone to Hotel Greenland and talked with me there. He fed me with the heavenly food of happiness and peace of mind. In a span of twenty seconds, my whole mind set changed. The weak, sad and fatigue mind turned into a refreshing, happy and peaceful mind. i ate the worldly and heavenly food happily. My friend, The Almighty, then accompanied me to the hostel and we were chatting till my roommates arrived to the room.

Many will think that the above occasion is sheer rubbish and imagination but for those who have really understood and felt and realized the God in them will be able to understand and feel the happiness in the above occasion. I actually dont want to blame my classmates, instead thank them for cooperating in this drama to give me a happy dinner party.

I will never forget this most unexpected dinner PARTY ever.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Do we realize the purpose?

Before answering the above question, we should know what is the purpose? to realize it.

What is the purpose of life?
Earning money?


Talking bad about others?

Insulting others?

Taking revenge on others?

Pulling others' legs?

Is any one of the above, the purpose of life? No
The real purpose of life is to be happy :-).
The feeling which we get by hurting or harming others is not happiness.

Is our current life satisfying the purpose of life or is our current life happy?
I know that many or almost all say no.

Why are we not happy?
We are not happy because we are filled with problems. Our minds are filled with problems. The problems created by us and by the surrounding people. Everyone has problems. But, how can you be happy amidst these problems? To be happy amidst these problems, always follow the way of just and righteousness as defined in the court of God. Major of our problems are because of our words and actions. Our words and actions are selfish or unjust. So, we start justifying our mistake and end up in a mess finally losing the purpose of life, that is, to be happy. Speak words and do actions that are just and right, for no one in this world can question you. Your words and actions will bring you good and happiness.

But, why dont many, including us, realize the purpose of life as happiness?
Because, our eyes are hidden with many other things other than happiness.
The eyes which we are talking about are the eyes which have the capability to distinguish good and bad. Everyone have these eyes, even the blind. They are the soul's eyes. At every point of life, at every situation, at every place, our eyes dont see happiness. Many times, our eyes are hidden with money that we forget about happiness. Our eyes are hidden with ego that we forget about happiness and right and just. At some other times, our eyes are hidden with hatred and vengeance that we forget the purpose of life. We forget to look at every part of life with the soul's eyes. We forget to distinguish between good and bad. We forget to decide between good and bad. We do things that are unjust and selfish because our eyes are hidden with some other unworthy worldly thing other than happiness. Since our eyes are hidden with unworthy worldly thing, we are not able to realize the purpose of life. Our eyes always look at the worldly thing forgetting happiness. In the current days, ego has turned out to be a great factor seperating people from happiness. We have ego of superiority to accept that we know lesser than others. We have ego of not accepting our mistake making us to live in the same old unjust wrong life. Leave away the egos, leave out the anger, leave out the money, you will see happiness.

What should we do to attain the purpose of life?
Do what is just and right. Before spelling out any word or doing any action, think for a second. Think whether the word we are going to spell out or the action which we are going to do is right and just. Decide on it properly, without being biased to your self. Do the right and just thing. Make it a practice. You will attain happiness. I can guarantee that. If someone insults you in front of many others, do not try to insult them back, for if you insult, the other person will take revenge on you and the act will keep on going. If a person insults you, leave it. Do not take revenge. God will look after the other person, for it is not our job to judge and punish others. Moreover, we should not do the same mistake which the other person has done on us.

The feeling got by hurting or harming others intentionally is not happiness. Happiness is the feeling got as the result of your actions and words without hurting anyone. For every good act done or good word spoken, you will get the result of happiness, but the time of getting the happiness for your good deed is uncertain but it will come back for certain.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

When do we seek God?

Most of us look at or remember of God only when we are in distress or when we are out of help or when we really need some miracle to make our jobs done.

Is that what God expects?
Absolutely no but still he keeps helping us whenever we need him. When we get a pen from our neighbour to fill in a cheque or write some address, we thank him on returning the pen. While some other person borrows some of our stuff for some time and returns, we do expect them to recognize us with a simple 'thanks'. We want other people to look back to us when their job is done thru us. But why dont we do the same with God? Why dont we look back at God when our job is done thru God? Why dont we say him a simple 'thanks'? Is it because he is not visible? Or is it because of the fact that he is not going to come in front of us and ask for a thanks? It is because, we are selfish and not loyal.

We forget God who helped us in our need. We forget the help God has done to us. We just feel happy that our job is done. Some of us forget the help by God and we proudly say out that we finished the job single handedly and we never recognize or thank God. We dont even bother to look back at God unless we fall into another distress and we need help.

How many of us remember or look at God during our happy moments?
During our happy moments, many of us dont even remember that a God exists and he gave us this happy moment. We just enjoy with the things and people given to us by God. We use everything given to us by God and enjoy but dont bother to thank him for giving them. How much time will it take for a person to stand still, remember God in his heart and say, "Thank you God for giving me this happy moment and making me enjoy"? That is what God expects. He wants us to remember him every time.

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for this food given by you" before eating?

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for this clothes given by you, which many dont even have" after buying new clothes?

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for blessing me with this new washing machine or motorcycle or Computer?"

The answer is the same. It not even takes more than 5 seconds to tell them. We forget God at those moments. We forget the fact that God lifted us from distress and gave us this happy moment. We ignore God. Think how will you feel when a person extracts all help from you and not bothers to turn around and thank you or remember you? How bad you will feel? Even God feels the same. He too feels bad that we havent looked back or thanked him. But even though we forget him every time he helps us, he helps us again when we ask for his help. But we dont do so. That is the difference between God and us.

As I told previously, it is not a big deal. Just remember God and thank him for whatever he gives you. Thank God for making you giving you the ability to speak for many are dumb. Thank God for giving you the ability to hear for many are deaf. Thank God for blessing you with such beautiful parents who are ready to give their lives for you. Thank God for keeping you safe and sound till this minute in your life.

Thank God for everything and every moment he has given you, for he will be very happy. Making a human happy itself is tough, while you make God happy by thanking him for every thing. I thank God for making me write this and let others know.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hard Times of Life

Note: This blog is not for athiests.

There are many questions that we ask frequently in times of distress.

Why do i have hard times always in Life?
Why does anything i think to happen doesnt happen to me?
Why does all my work fail?
Why are my efforts in vain?

Why is God so hard on me alone?
Why others dont get such time of hard times?

I just really want to ask One Question for those who ask any one of the above questions to themselves...

Do you think so?

Do you think that you are the only one who are experiencing these problems?
And do you think that God is wantedly giving you this hard time for you to suffer?

Before getting the answers, why do we get hard times?

There are two major reasons for us to get Hard times.
We get hard times because
1. of our own self.
2. God wants us to mature.

Of our own self
Many problems which we come across in our life are because of our own self. Our own actions and words are the major reasons for our problems. We do unwanted things and
talk unwanted things and create unwanted problems. We assume many things and act accordingly leading to a number of problems for us as well as for others who are around us.

God wants us to mature
Some problems which we face are wantedly permitted by God. But he permits those problems which we will be able to handle. He knows how much pressure we can handle. He will allow only bearable problems. He permits those problems so that we can experience them and take good decisions and learn from them so that we will feel easy while coming across a bigger similar problem in the future. But what do we do? Do we satisfy his expectations? Do we really make good decisions? Do we really learn from those situations? Do we make him happy? NO. Instead, we criticise God for giving us such problems. We make the problems worse by gossiping and interpreting the information wrongly based on assumptions. God allows us some problems to get matured. But, we refuse to mature and we still live in the ditched small life and create more problems.

But, God is not human. Even if we make the problems which he allowed, into a bigger one, he looks for some good conclusion. He looks to finish the problem with a good ending. Whatever be the problems, we, humans try to solve it such that we only get benefitted but God doesnt do so. He figures out the problem and finishes it in such a way that many of his children, that is us, get benefitted. He looks for benefits for everyone involved in the problem not only for us. If you think that why this problem is still persisting without an end, then this is the reason. He wants his other children also to come to him and be happy. He is not selfish like us.

Let me give you a simple example to tell you the relation between God and us and the ways we react to situations.

Consider, there is a father and a son of age around 5. The boy doesnt know many things in this world. He learns many things from his parents or by experience. In that small age, he doesnt know that eating an ice cream while having cold or fever will make him more ill. He keeps on asking for the ice cream. His father tells him that he is feeling ill and he should not eat ice cream now. But the boy doesnt listen. He feels excited by eating the ice cream. He somehow manages to get the ice cream. The boy's father catches him eating the ice cream and scolds and beats him up. The boy sits and cries and scolds his father that he is not making him happy.

The above story is the same as our life. We act like the small boy. We keep on thinking that what we do is right and is always going to end in happiness. But, our father, the God knows what will happen. So, he warns us. But we dont hear to him. We dont lend our ears to his speech. We proceed with our decision. So, our father, gives a little tap on our head and says, "Stop doing it or else you will get into trouble in the future". As the small boy did, we dont understand why he says so and so, we sit and cry and criticize God that he has failed all our work and doesnt likes us. We dont realize the good thing which God did for us.

So, hard times are nothing but just a situation given for us to get experience and if we make good decisions and succeed, we will experience happiness. But, instead, we make the situation worse and criticize God for making it worse and mke others around us also fall in trouble.

Think that whatever happens is happening only for your own good and God is doing everything for your own sake and for your own happiness.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

God Teaches man regrets and refuses

From every event in your life, you have to learn something or realize something from it. Not every person is perfect. From the time a person is born, he learns from his mistakes and experience and advice in his childhood. But as he grows, he thinks he has become an adult and he knows everything and he thinks what he does is always right. Everyone knows that the above fact is wrong. Everybody knows or realizes that he has'nt done everything right. Even after knowing that we have done a mistake, we repeat them. We don't take the consequences of those mistakes seriously. We dont learn from those previous mistakes which we did.

Whenever someone points at our mistakes which we repeatedly do, we proudly say, "That is my character. I will be like that because i have to be like that. Thats my identity." Is that true? Should a person repeat on his mistakes to maintain his character? No. He is not ready to learn from his mistakes. That is the truth. Even if he learns, he is lazy to change. He is not willing to change thinking what others might tell about his change. Moreover, some people dont even want to learn because the mistakes which they make excite them and make them happy while making some around him miserable or insulted. Is that the real happiness?

So, what is needed? Do every activity with God in mind. Analyze what will be effects and aftermaths of your action. See whether they hurt somebody. See whether it is against the ten commandments. See what good deeds does your action do without hurtings and hard feelings. Do that action. See the aftermath of your action. See whether there was any mistake in your action. Learn from it. If there is'nt any mistake, practice it again and again in your life. Make it a habit. Let your mind always think in the right way when such a situation occurs where a normal man tends to do a wrong thing.

So, if you follow those good habits, many awe at your actions. Many will criticise you as fools and idiots. You may also be left alone. Never worry. Worry what God will think of you. Continue with your good habits and practice. That will gain points for you in God's Kingdom. Never feel bad that you are being criticised or being left lonely. There is always God for you. Grab him. Every situation God gives is for your good. If it is a miserable situation, be happy that God has saved you from a bigger problem inthe future because of this small lesson. Whatever happens and whoever says anything, dont leave God. Never think that religious life is different from the normal life of job, studies or being with friends. Never think praying to God alone will save you. You got to live according to God's preachings. You got to prove yourself. Implement what God taught in your life and live or else life is waste. Worshiping or praying to God for an hour a day and having hard feelings with your colleagues or neighbors is a type of corruption. There is no use in praying for one hour in that case. How are you going to love the unseen invisible Almighty God when you are not able to love the person next to you whom you see daily. If you live two lives, one for God in the worshiping place and the other for the world, then what are you going to achieve? Nothing. Just cheating yourself. So, whatever be the situation, be with God and the main thing is to live every minute of life with God's preachings. Praise the Lord.

Live in and with God. With God in you, what more is required in this small and selfish World. Seek first GOD and his kingdom for everything will be given to you as well.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


What is Forgiveness?

It is the the habit of forgetting a sin committed by someone against you with or without their knowledge from the deepest of hearts and having no grudge for the sin which you have forgotten.

Why should i forgive?

As all know, to err is human. Every human being makes mistakes and sins against others but forgiving those sins is the toughest part. By forgiving a person, your quality of life increases and therefore you lead a good life with God and finally achieve the goal of Eternal Life. Jesus Christ forgave others' sins and he finally died as a sacrifice for the forgiveness of our own sins. So, forgiving is one of the main factors that should be followed for us and by us to attain eternal life.

How can forgiving increase my quality of life?

To forgive other person's sins against you, you must grow inside yourself some characteristics. First, you should be able to identify that the other person is committing a sin against you (with or without his knowledge is not a factor to forgive). For doing so, you should have a steady, calm mind and a good understanding of what is right and what is wrong. You should be stable in your mind to make such an identification. But identifying right and wrong is not so easy as said. It requires God's wisdom and support. If you achieve this first step itself, you come closer to God. Because making your mind to be calm, steady and stable through out a day is itself tough. On doing so, your thoughts will be clean and you will always think in the correct stable direction. Next step is still a harder one. It is the part of real Forgiveness. After you have identified that the other person has committed a sin against you, forgive him. I know that it is really tough. Because, our human mind, from our small age is practiced to retaliate for any actions other impose on us. It is been in our blood and mind for all these years. So, changing it is going to be a tough job. But, still remember, when Jesus Christ was tortured, he said, "Father, forgive them". So, forgive others sins. After you forgive them, when you see that person who committed sin against you, you should not remember what he did against you. You should not have the grudge against him instead love him.

So by forgiving others sins, you become calm, mature, steady and stable minded, get the wisdom of separating between good and bad and finally and the most important thing is you become close to God.

What are the benefits of forgiving and how does it get closer to eternal life?

As per the prayer Jesus Christ taught us which every Christian recites on an average of 3 times a day, "Father, forgive us our sins as we forgive sins by others against us". So, if you are stone hearted and if you refuse to forgive others, even your sins will not be forgiven.

The Bible also says that, "For the same way the measure you use, it will be measured to you". So, if you forgive 10 sins, you also get 10 of your sins forgiven.

So, by forgiving the sins of others, you get your own sins forgiven and so, you attain eternal life in the Kingdom of God. Lesser your sins, higher the chance for you to attain eternal life.

How many times should i forgive a person when he keeps on repeating the same sin?
Forgive them how many ever times he sins. God said to forgive a person not only seven times but also seventy seven times. So, forgive a person not only seven times but also any number of times as God forgives us even though we keep on doing the same sins.

To retaliate for the sins others have done to us is a character many of us possess but to forgive those sins and love that person and pray for them is something extraordinary and is the character of GOD and Jesus Christ did so in His life.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Variable number of arguments in Java

Did you know that java too supports variable number of arguments?

Here's an example.

Try it.

class test{
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println("The sum is " + calculateSum(1,2,3));

private static int calculateSum(int... values){
int sum = 0;
for (int counter = 0; counter < values.length; counter ++){
sum = sum + values[counter];
return sum;

It works with both primitive data types and objects.