Friday, July 20, 2007

Do we realize the purpose?

Before answering the above question, we should know what is the purpose? to realize it.

What is the purpose of life?
Earning money?


Talking bad about others?

Insulting others?

Taking revenge on others?

Pulling others' legs?

Is any one of the above, the purpose of life? No
The real purpose of life is to be happy :-).
The feeling which we get by hurting or harming others is not happiness.

Is our current life satisfying the purpose of life or is our current life happy?
I know that many or almost all say no.

Why are we not happy?
We are not happy because we are filled with problems. Our minds are filled with problems. The problems created by us and by the surrounding people. Everyone has problems. But, how can you be happy amidst these problems? To be happy amidst these problems, always follow the way of just and righteousness as defined in the court of God. Major of our problems are because of our words and actions. Our words and actions are selfish or unjust. So, we start justifying our mistake and end up in a mess finally losing the purpose of life, that is, to be happy. Speak words and do actions that are just and right, for no one in this world can question you. Your words and actions will bring you good and happiness.

But, why dont many, including us, realize the purpose of life as happiness?
Because, our eyes are hidden with many other things other than happiness.
The eyes which we are talking about are the eyes which have the capability to distinguish good and bad. Everyone have these eyes, even the blind. They are the soul's eyes. At every point of life, at every situation, at every place, our eyes dont see happiness. Many times, our eyes are hidden with money that we forget about happiness. Our eyes are hidden with ego that we forget about happiness and right and just. At some other times, our eyes are hidden with hatred and vengeance that we forget the purpose of life. We forget to look at every part of life with the soul's eyes. We forget to distinguish between good and bad. We forget to decide between good and bad. We do things that are unjust and selfish because our eyes are hidden with some other unworthy worldly thing other than happiness. Since our eyes are hidden with unworthy worldly thing, we are not able to realize the purpose of life. Our eyes always look at the worldly thing forgetting happiness. In the current days, ego has turned out to be a great factor seperating people from happiness. We have ego of superiority to accept that we know lesser than others. We have ego of not accepting our mistake making us to live in the same old unjust wrong life. Leave away the egos, leave out the anger, leave out the money, you will see happiness.

What should we do to attain the purpose of life?
Do what is just and right. Before spelling out any word or doing any action, think for a second. Think whether the word we are going to spell out or the action which we are going to do is right and just. Decide on it properly, without being biased to your self. Do the right and just thing. Make it a practice. You will attain happiness. I can guarantee that. If someone insults you in front of many others, do not try to insult them back, for if you insult, the other person will take revenge on you and the act will keep on going. If a person insults you, leave it. Do not take revenge. God will look after the other person, for it is not our job to judge and punish others. Moreover, we should not do the same mistake which the other person has done on us.

The feeling got by hurting or harming others intentionally is not happiness. Happiness is the feeling got as the result of your actions and words without hurting anyone. For every good act done or good word spoken, you will get the result of happiness, but the time of getting the happiness for your good deed is uncertain but it will come back for certain.

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VS Janani said...

Life is only to be happy..Wear a smile always.
It will be too late when we realize things in our later part of life, by then we wud be chanting stories to our grandchildren.:)
So realize things faster as u can and live a HAPPY LIFE..