Thursday, July 5, 2007

When do we seek God?

Most of us look at or remember of God only when we are in distress or when we are out of help or when we really need some miracle to make our jobs done.

Is that what God expects?
Absolutely no but still he keeps helping us whenever we need him. When we get a pen from our neighbour to fill in a cheque or write some address, we thank him on returning the pen. While some other person borrows some of our stuff for some time and returns, we do expect them to recognize us with a simple 'thanks'. We want other people to look back to us when their job is done thru us. But why dont we do the same with God? Why dont we look back at God when our job is done thru God? Why dont we say him a simple 'thanks'? Is it because he is not visible? Or is it because of the fact that he is not going to come in front of us and ask for a thanks? It is because, we are selfish and not loyal.

We forget God who helped us in our need. We forget the help God has done to us. We just feel happy that our job is done. Some of us forget the help by God and we proudly say out that we finished the job single handedly and we never recognize or thank God. We dont even bother to look back at God unless we fall into another distress and we need help.

How many of us remember or look at God during our happy moments?
During our happy moments, many of us dont even remember that a God exists and he gave us this happy moment. We just enjoy with the things and people given to us by God. We use everything given to us by God and enjoy but dont bother to thank him for giving them. How much time will it take for a person to stand still, remember God in his heart and say, "Thank you God for giving me this happy moment and making me enjoy"? That is what God expects. He wants us to remember him every time.

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for this food given by you" before eating?

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for this clothes given by you, which many dont even have" after buying new clothes?

How much time will it take to say, "Thank you God for blessing me with this new washing machine or motorcycle or Computer?"

The answer is the same. It not even takes more than 5 seconds to tell them. We forget God at those moments. We forget the fact that God lifted us from distress and gave us this happy moment. We ignore God. Think how will you feel when a person extracts all help from you and not bothers to turn around and thank you or remember you? How bad you will feel? Even God feels the same. He too feels bad that we havent looked back or thanked him. But even though we forget him every time he helps us, he helps us again when we ask for his help. But we dont do so. That is the difference between God and us.

As I told previously, it is not a big deal. Just remember God and thank him for whatever he gives you. Thank God for making you giving you the ability to speak for many are dumb. Thank God for giving you the ability to hear for many are deaf. Thank God for blessing you with such beautiful parents who are ready to give their lives for you. Thank God for keeping you safe and sound till this minute in your life.

Thank God for everything and every moment he has given you, for he will be very happy. Making a human happy itself is tough, while you make God happy by thanking him for every thing. I thank God for making me write this and let others know.

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