Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hard Times of Life

Note: This blog is not for athiests.

There are many questions that we ask frequently in times of distress.

Why do i have hard times always in Life?
Why does anything i think to happen doesnt happen to me?
Why does all my work fail?
Why are my efforts in vain?

Why is God so hard on me alone?
Why others dont get such time of hard times?

I just really want to ask One Question for those who ask any one of the above questions to themselves...

Do you think so?

Do you think that you are the only one who are experiencing these problems?
And do you think that God is wantedly giving you this hard time for you to suffer?

Before getting the answers, why do we get hard times?

There are two major reasons for us to get Hard times.
We get hard times because
1. of our own self.
2. God wants us to mature.

Of our own self
Many problems which we come across in our life are because of our own self. Our own actions and words are the major reasons for our problems. We do unwanted things and
talk unwanted things and create unwanted problems. We assume many things and act accordingly leading to a number of problems for us as well as for others who are around us.

God wants us to mature
Some problems which we face are wantedly permitted by God. But he permits those problems which we will be able to handle. He knows how much pressure we can handle. He will allow only bearable problems. He permits those problems so that we can experience them and take good decisions and learn from them so that we will feel easy while coming across a bigger similar problem in the future. But what do we do? Do we satisfy his expectations? Do we really make good decisions? Do we really learn from those situations? Do we make him happy? NO. Instead, we criticise God for giving us such problems. We make the problems worse by gossiping and interpreting the information wrongly based on assumptions. God allows us some problems to get matured. But, we refuse to mature and we still live in the ditched small life and create more problems.

But, God is not human. Even if we make the problems which he allowed, into a bigger one, he looks for some good conclusion. He looks to finish the problem with a good ending. Whatever be the problems, we, humans try to solve it such that we only get benefitted but God doesnt do so. He figures out the problem and finishes it in such a way that many of his children, that is us, get benefitted. He looks for benefits for everyone involved in the problem not only for us. If you think that why this problem is still persisting without an end, then this is the reason. He wants his other children also to come to him and be happy. He is not selfish like us.

Let me give you a simple example to tell you the relation between God and us and the ways we react to situations.

Consider, there is a father and a son of age around 5. The boy doesnt know many things in this world. He learns many things from his parents or by experience. In that small age, he doesnt know that eating an ice cream while having cold or fever will make him more ill. He keeps on asking for the ice cream. His father tells him that he is feeling ill and he should not eat ice cream now. But the boy doesnt listen. He feels excited by eating the ice cream. He somehow manages to get the ice cream. The boy's father catches him eating the ice cream and scolds and beats him up. The boy sits and cries and scolds his father that he is not making him happy.

The above story is the same as our life. We act like the small boy. We keep on thinking that what we do is right and is always going to end in happiness. But, our father, the God knows what will happen. So, he warns us. But we dont hear to him. We dont lend our ears to his speech. We proceed with our decision. So, our father, gives a little tap on our head and says, "Stop doing it or else you will get into trouble in the future". As the small boy did, we dont understand why he says so and so, we sit and cry and criticize God that he has failed all our work and doesnt likes us. We dont realize the good thing which God did for us.

So, hard times are nothing but just a situation given for us to get experience and if we make good decisions and succeed, we will experience happiness. But, instead, we make the situation worse and criticize God for making it worse and mke others around us also fall in trouble.

Think that whatever happens is happening only for your own good and God is doing everything for your own sake and for your own happiness.


Venkatesh Varalu said...

Its always true that everyone faces these things at one point of time...and also they realize why this has happened and that helps to get wise.

Raga said...

Nice one!